His Kingdom Ministries strongly believe that we are commanded to be a blessing to the body of Christ and to our mandated community of impact both local and international. We recognize and practice a strong culture of giving in obedience to the unction of Holy Spirit. We also endeavour to be self-sufficient so that what we have freely received from the Kingdom of Heaven, can freely be given and imparted to those whom the Lord has given us. Transforming each person's life just like Jesus Christ freely by His grace transformed us. In doing so playing our part in helping the whole body of Christ grow and step into her maturity. 


If you feel led by Holy Spirit and would like to sow into what Jesus Christ is doing through His Kingdom Ministries, we would welcome your gift with open arms, please choose one of the giving methods below.

Under New Zealand Law, an unconditional gift is a donation or payment made voluntarily to any non-profit body, where there is no identifiable direct benefit to the donor or the donor's family.